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DNS (Domain Name System)

DNS – Domain Name System – is a system that "converts" domain names into corresponding IP addresses.

The Internet works in such a way that it doesn’t recognize alphabet, but only numbers and every time you send a request for this or that domain name DNS service "translates" it into IP address. It is much easier for us to remember a domain name rather than 4 octets of numbers (for example, what would you remember faster or - its IP address?).

And it is only 1 site. What if you need to visit 10 sites? You’ll have to remember! 10 IP addresses, that is not very convenient. Here DNS comes for help.

It works in such a way: you send a request for a webpage >> a computer sends a request to the nearest DNS server, which finds the correct IP address (if not it sends a request to another DNS server, etc. until it finds the proper IP address) >> the computer connects to the server with this IP address. Once all these steps are performed you can see the content of the requested webpage.