We are an I.T. solution company located in Hong Kong, China. We provide solutions such as web and email hosting cloud services, dedicated servers, domain registration, SSL certificate registration, domain name server, web-based application and more. We aim to provide one-stop quality and versatile I.T. services to meet every single client’s needs.

Management Team

ZTABOX has a team of professional and experienced I.T. experts. Our developers and engineers have over 20 years of experience in network security, proactively searching for vulnerabilities, compose and enhance security programs to prevent cyberattack.

Why Choose Us

Customer Focus

We are customer-oriented, and our experienced technical team is always ready to solve all the technical problems that customers may encounter when using any of our products.

Secure and Stable

Built with the latest, fastest servers from Dell and IBM, with a professional-grade, high-performance Juniper firewall for security and reliability.

High Performance

Every one of our servers has at least two processors, and enterprise hard drives with RAID protection. Here every component is fully redundant, from power supply to the network card. We place a lighter load on our machines than the other guys do, so your site has breathing room during busy periods.

Quality Service

We provide premium quality hosting cloud services with affordable price. It is one of the best solutions for businesses and individual customization.

Hong Kong Data Center

In order to protect our clients’ data from cyberattack, we are using Hong Kong local data centers as the foundation of our cloud data center. They achieved the level of Tier 3+ of international standards.

Data Backup

Provides local real-time and off-site scheduled data backup, as well as disaster recovery.